Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ergonomics 1

In the first office the table is very messy and it looks quite disorganised. The chair is also quite uncomfortable as the person has to sit in a awkward position and he was also squirming around in order to type on the keyboard.The computer screen was also too far away and the person had to put on specs and use a magnifying glass in order to see.The light from the lamps at his desk gave of very harsh light and when he touched the lamp to adjust the lamp he got burnt.The switches for the lights were also very confusing for him.in his workplace he had trouble retrieving his items. His chair was also unstable and thus he was unable to drink from his cup.

In the second office the table is very neat and is very organised .the chair looks very comfortable as the person does not fidget around and sat in a upright position while using his computer.The computer screen is adjustable and thus it allows the person to move the screen closer to him so he does not need to strain his eyes.The lamp is adjustable and it used fluorescent light thus it was not too hot to touch.His chair was very steady and would allow the person to lean back.

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